Waltham Forest Streets for All

has been formed from a number of local groups who have experienced serious problems due to Mini-Holland.

​We are all unpaid volunteers who are doing our best to reverse some of the worst consequences of the changes being made to our borough. 

We understand the need to reduce pollution levels which cause health problems for many. However our contention is that closing roads has only increased congestion and pollution. As Waltham Forest has not carried out any reliable "before" measurements, it is difficult for them to demonstrate improvement. However our everyday experiences across the borough seem to show that conditions are worse post Mini-Holland.

Please email us at infowfstreets4all to share any of your evidence or experiences (with photos if possible) and with your permission we will add them to our blog on this website.  



Waltham Forest Streets for All

commits to the following positions on transport in the borough

    We support investment in electric / green vehicles to reduce dangerous air pollution. We support the encouragement for those who are able to walk and cycle where safe infrastructure has been provided. We support facilitating rapid response vehicles and carers to be able to attend patients without being delayed by road closures.


    We are totally opposed to road closures which cause serious and potentially fatal delays to emergency vehicles, impact severely on small businesses and delay carers and others who need to make important journeys around the borough. Road closures force traffic onto fewer roads thus increasing pollution through longer journeys and idling engines.


    We are opposed to speed humps which delay emergency vehicles and cause pain to many people with disabilities. We support technologies that enforce speed limits such as CCTV


    We support physically segregated routes for pedestrians that conform to the Council’s Access Guidelines in terms of width and positioning of street furniture. We totally oppose shared space and blended crossings which are dangerous for all pedestrians, but especially those with physical, sensory or learning disabilities and children.


    We support increasing safety for cyclists by provision of physically segregated cycle routes so long as this does not reduce pavement widths or involve the removal of bus lanes. We support the demands for cyclists to be registered and to have insurance.


  6. BUSES
    We support the provision of bus lanes and the phasing out of polluting vehicles. We oppose “floating bus-stops” which put pedestrians at risk.

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